Our Story

            Bay Promo is a family owned business based in Wesley Chapel, Florida by Humberto Manuel Arguello Jr. & Margine Maria Arguello Jr. For over 25 years our parents, Humberto & Margina Arguello Sr., dominated the promotional items industry throughout Central America with regional offices in Nicaragua, Panama, & Costa Rica.

In 2016 our parents decided to retire from the business and we, as a family, moved to the Tampa area of Florida. We decided to follow our parent's foot steps and established our own promotional items fir, Bay Promo. Basing our company on a foundation of over 25 years of expertise & mastering of the promotional products market we strive to share our knowledge with the goal of helping small and medium size businesses thrive through the power of promotional products. We hope to cater to all markets in the Tampa Bay Area and to bring back a REAL personalized touch to guarantee promotional items that place the power of your brand in your hands.


Your Brand Delivered

Why Bay Promo?

                 We assure you that out of the 18,000 companies in Promotional Items in the US only a handful of these business actually provide a good service that gives their clients a high return on their investment (ROI). That’s why all of these companies are called “Distributors” because all they can do is write & place the order. In contrast to us we are DISTRIBUTORS AND ADVISERS. We combine our expertise in marketing and your company’s target market, product, and end goals to make the most powerful weapon in ANY kind of marketing: a market-smart promotional products campaign. By market-smart, we mean a campaign that is appropriate for you & your needs, down to every decision; and, that will strategically promote your brand by giving you a high ROI, boosting your company presence, & helping you maximize customer interactions.

Our firm has a cutting edge against all our competitors. Due to our longevity in the industry our name is well known throughout all the American promotional items manufacturers. Our good standing relations have built us representation of over 5,000 US-based factories, giving us access to over 1 Million promotional products, in-stock and ready to print, all with EQP or End Quantity Pricing (preferred pricing). Internationally, our firm represents 3,000 distributors in China alone, all who have had outstanding relations with our family for over 2 decades. Our global network of factories, grants us the opportunity of providing our clients with the BEST price in all of Florida and with endless products to power your company!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a uniquely tailored marketing campaign that fits each of our client’s needs. The G-factor that underlies our company’s success is: strong customer relations & the small-business personalized touch that only a family run business like ours could give you.

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